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The Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation do not have a written history. In recent years we have been working to document the stories and accounts passed down through the generations from our Elders.

Oral history serves many purposes giving people a reference to their place in the universe, the knowledge of their rights to the land and their family histories. The tradition of passing the knowledge like place names and stories of those locations would ensure that people knew of hunting and fishing grounds, where the best berries and medicines were grown, even if they had never been to that place before. Also, knowing how people in different families were related would ensure that marriage among blood relatives didn’t occur. The passing down of knowledge through generations would ensure that “teachings” were adhered too, life lessons were being carried out and the language, culture and traditions of the Sturgeon Lake Cree First Nations would remain unbroken and throughout the generations.

As more of the Oral history is documented we will be adding the many stories to our History page. Please check back often.
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