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Welcome to the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation.

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation is working hard to build a vibrant community that is at the forefront of economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.



Roles & Responsibilities:
Discovering events (births, marriages, divorce, deaths).
Obtaining and examining supporting documents.
Preparing a monthly report of all reported events.
Posting a copy of the Band Change Report, if applicable.
Reviewing the monthly change reports and new register pages.
Fowarding appropriate documentation and forms for Headquarters.
Noting any inconsistencies in the band's Indian Register.
Reviewing applications and appropriate documentation for registration.
Providing information to members of the band and general public on the application of the Indian Act.
Informing individual of the decisions made by the Indian Registrar.
Issuing CIS for registered Indian in accordance with departmental policies and procedures.
Recording the CIS issued in CIS register on a monthly basis.
Notifying the Regional Office of any administrative changes.


Roles & Responsibilities:
To provide the Department with an accounting of all funds advanced relative to the Indian Estates Contribution Arrangement.
To gather information on the estates of Indians who die to advise the department to ensure that the assets are distributed according to the terms of the Will within the framework of the Indian Act or other applicable statutes.
To gather information regarding the estates of Indians who die intestate to ensure that the assets will be distributed to the lawful heirs according to their interests within the provisions of the Indian Act and other applicable statutes.
To carry out field assignments to gather information from heirs to assist the department in processing and settling difficult estates.
To promote making of Wills.
To perform other duties such as, compile regular and special reports, listing the number of estates investigated and the number of new estates on bnad, following up on estate matters referred by the Band of the estates, referring to enquires received through personal visits, correspondence, telephone, etc to the department Estates section.

Information provided courtesy of Western Cree Tribal Council (WCTC). For more information on the programs and services offered by WCTC please visit there website.
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