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The Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Income Support department provides support services to Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation.

The Income Support department administers

Income Assistance On-reserve


Income Support provides or helps to provide training, policy clarification and essential services as they relate to Social Development and Income Assistance.
The Income Support program also oversees the National Child Benefit Reinvestment Initiative as it gives the First Nation a resource to design and implement projects to improve the lives to low income families and children.

Income Support Program:

The Income Support Program (ISP) replaces the Social Assistance Program administered by the Alberta Region of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

The new program, which took effect July 1, 2004, provides Income Support to on-reserve community members who do not have the resources to meet their basic needs, with an increased focus on access to skills development, training and employment opportunities.

Who qualifies for the Program:

Two general groups of people may qualify:

People who are looking for work or are working and need short term assistance, now categorized as - "expected to work" clients.

People who have difficulty working due to chronic mental or physical health problems or because of multiple barriers, now categorized as - "not expected to work" clients.


All clients are required to complete all required forms before any income support is issued. To determine eligibility all information is required, all documents need to be signed by the client.

Income Support Forms (PDF):

Intent to Apply for Social Assistance
Authorization to Release Information
Residency Confirmation
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