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Our Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation ASETS Office is a community-based employment assistance services center.

Box 757
Valleyview, AB, T0H 3N0
Phone: 780-524-5901
Fax: 780-524-2391

Hours of Operation:
8:30am - 4:30pm - Monday to Friday
Development Staff:

ASET Receptionist:
Janine Goodswimmer

ASET Coordinator:
Rosalyn Goodswimmer
Other Services/Staff Available on Site:

Post Secondary Coordinator:
Gloria Goodswimmer

Income Support Clerk:
Jeanine Calliou

Income Support Worker:
Cindy Standingribbon
ASETS is committed to offering employment assistance
services and support of short and long term employment goals
that promote self-sufficiency to our First Nation people.

Clients registering with our program will have access to the
following services:

Develop and enhancement of job employability/interview skills
Assistance with resume and cover letters
Fax, Photocopier, message services and telephone use for
job search
Computer/internet access
Job maintenance support
Career planning, care change information and access to
career profile and decision making tools, including referrals
Assistance for Youth and Persons with Disabilities in
identifying employability skills, direction and referrals in
overcoming barriers
General Labor Market information
Employment Insurance assistance with online application
and EI claims

Other Services Available:

Job Postings
Local Publications
Career Listing
Self Employment Information
General Community Resource Links
Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation
Treaty 8

Box 757
Valleyview, Alberta T0H 3N0

Phone: 780-524-3307

Fax: 780-524-2711
Short Course Training and Long Term career Development Costs May Be Funded:
If you are a member of our First Nation and/a resident on our geographical service area
If you complete a funding application (ASETS Client Registration Form) with detailed action plan
If you are committed to the completion of the short course or long term career development program to enable yourself to enter the job
Must be willing to voluntarily submit your employment status and do follow up on your training to employment.

Other Services available:
Job Bank Postings
Local publication career listings
First Nation job postings
Inform and assist individuals in the presentation of job requirements
Provide eligible apprenticeship recruiting links and assistance
When required refer eligible work experience students
Work in partnership with employers, agencies, training centers to identify, create or implement training programs
Provide job maintenance & personal development for individuals

Downloadable Information:
ASET Pamphlet
ASETS Program Short Course Funding Request
ASETS Client Registration Form
ASETS Program Application Form
ASETS Program Action Plan
ASETS Dependant Verification Form
ASETS Contract of Agreement
ASETS Student Application Checklist